How we work

We’re all about getting the right result, efficiently.

We don’t expect you to linger in the compensation system forever while we keep charging by the hour.  Instead, we believe practising law should be about achieving results for you as quickly and as affordably as possible, so you can get on with your life and business.  
To do that, we’ve adopted a human-centred approach and have re-imagined how legal services ought to be delivered:


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Hands on

We handle all of your legal work personally, rather than delegate it to less experienced lawyers, clerks or paralegals.

We make sure we’re available when you need us by providing our mobile numbers and direct email addresses, rather than expecting you to leave messages with assistants and hope for a return call.

We personally inspect accident sites and interview witnesses ourselves, rather than rely on third parties (i.e. private investigators) to gather important evidence – we need to be confident that nothing important is ‘lost in translation’.


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We put ourselves in your shoes, to understand your needs. We’re not going to force a square peg into a round hole – we want to get to the heart of your issues from the outset to develop a solid client and lawyer partnership.

We properly explain all your options and give you our honest professional opinion.



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Build bridges first

We proactively deal with our opponents in an effort to bring matters to a head as quickly and efficiently as possible.



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Mobile & flexible

We can come to you wherever you live in Queensland, rather than expect you to go to the trouble and expense of coming to us.


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Transparent fee structure

Wherever possible, we provide you with an up-front quote for the work we’ll do, rather than leaving you wondering how much the whole process is going to eventually cost you… and whether it will even be worthwhile in the end.

Current Queensland legislation prohibits us from detailing on this website how we charge in situations where we act for an injured person.

As for our insurer clients, we fully appreciate the business necessity of keeping legal costs both controlled and predictable.  We’re well accustomed to operating on fixed-fee models and in fact prefer to operate this way.

Please contact us by phone on (07) 3218 1262 or for more information about our fees.