What we can do for you


Personal injuries

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, while in a public place such as a shopping centre, recreational area or footpath or as a result of a medical procedure, treatment or medical advice you may be able to claim compensation.  



If you are an employer and require assistance with claim management, understanding your rights, seeking reviews and/or navigating employment and termination issues, we can assist. Both Belinda and Jason have considerable experience acting for employers:

  • Who wish to seek a review of or appeal a decision to accept a workers compensation claim.
  • In managing employment issues such as a workers rights to different entitlements or termination of employment.
  • In the Fair Work Commission with respect to termination of employment.
  • To assist them develop appropriate plans and access services designed to safely re-engage workers after injury.


If you are an insurer or self-insurer and would like to hear how we can work with you to improve your claim outcomes particularly in relation to settlements, claim costs, claim durations, consistent claim estimations, better stakeholder feedback, industry reputation and community goodwill, contact us. 

Our results speak for themselves. We consistently resolve claims 25% faster than our competitors and at a lower cost.

Jason and Belinda have worked in key in-house roles for insurers and as legal service providers to insurers.  This provides them with a unique perspective on key drivers for their clients and emerging issues in the insurance industry.



If you are a community organisation that has a need we may be able to assist with, please contact us – we’d like to help.  Both Jason and Belinda are committed to building better communities and creating opportunities for others.