Investigating workplace incidents


Workplace incidents do happen, but it’s how they are investigated and handled that can make all the difference to an organisation.

Hughes & Lewis Legal has partnered with Total Claims Solutions to present a series of workshops aimed at giving construction industry employers practical tips on investigating and reporting workplace incidents, particularly those involving an injury to a worker. 

The workshops are designed for supervisors, safety officers, leading hands and foremen, and each session is specifically tailored to the particular trade(s) of the employer concerned.

The workshops have been well received and we plan to continue them throughout the coming months.  As always, you gain as much as you give with sessions like this - they’ve provided us with a much better insight into the real-life issues faced by the employers and workers who bring us the homes, business premises and infrastructure that we all depend upon. 

Thank you to the team at Total Claims Solutions for providing us with this great opportunity!

If this sort of workshop could assist your business or workplace, get in touch on or call us on 3218 1262.

About the author
Jason Lewis is a Director of Hughes and Lewis Legal